(CHMR-FM wouldn’t be possible without the work of dozens of volunteers who produce an amazing array of music, spoken word and news programming each week. On this page, we periodically profile some of the amazing volunteers who make CHMR possible!)

Deejay: Wayne Tucker
Show: NewFound Records
Airs: Saturdays 12-1pm; Wednesdays 3-4pm

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a townie, born and bred! Thirteen years ago I retired from my careers as a teacher, and civil servant. When I retired from the provincial government I was an Environmental Biologist with the Department of Environment . I’ve always had a love affair with Mother Nature, and a passion for music, especially NL music. Since retiring, I’ve been able to share my love of all kinds of obscure NL recorded music with the world on radio, thanks to CHMR.

2. How did you get involved with CHMR?

Over the years, I accumulated an extensive personal library of NL recordings… some of them rather rare. A lot of it is great music that deserves to be heard. So I had the idea that I would like to produce a radio program which shone a light on our pioneer recording artists and their music. No one else was doing that. So I attended one of CHMR’s training sessions in May of 2009, and eight years later I’m still on the air… and I’m still loving it!

3. When did you start volunteering with the station?

May of 2009.

4. Any prior experience in either radio/music/journalism, outside of CHMR?

None in radio other than being interviewed a few times by the CBC, NTV, and Rogers Cable. I did spend a lot of time with local Newfoundland-Country artist Dick Nolan. During 2005, the last year of his life, I helped him with a few projects… quite an honour. I also had a few music-related articles published in The Newfoundland Quarterly and The Newfoundland Herald.

5. Tell us a bit about your radio program.

The program is The NewFound Records Radio Hour. It’s meant to be both informative and entertaining. So I spin a mixed bag of hard-to-find NL vinyl music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s… all sourced from my personal collection. And I season this eclectic mix of music with a generous sprinkling of history and trivia.

6. What do you find most rewarding about volunteering with the station?

My show shines a light on local music that has been buried deep in vinyl oblivion for decades. Most younger people don’t know the music exists. Many of the older folks have forgotten about it. I love digging out the oldies, blowing the dust away, and giving them new life. Also I do my best to research the history of the musicians and their recordings as well. I enjoy the exercise of researching and producing the program, and feel I’m leaving a legacy of programs that will continue to be of value to local music historians and folklorists. CHMR gave me the opportunity to do what I love to do. There is no greater reward!

7. What’s the wierdest/strangest/funniest thing that’s ever happened to you, in relation to your work with the station?

Well, I had long been a fan of Steve Fruitman, a DJ with CIUT-FM in Toronto. For a few years I regularly listened to his weekly program… Back to the Sugar Camp. The man’s a two-legged music encyclopedia! His show was mostly folkish music and had close to 100% Canadian content. Strangely enough, I found I was learning a lot about NL music from this guy in Toronto! Several years ago, I emailed him looking for some Newfoundland-related information. He replied… we hit it off… and have since them became good friends. After getting to know him, I found out he was a friend of Stompin’ Tom… and he found out that I was a friend of Newfoundland’s Stompin’ Tom, Dick Nolan. So that connection was pretty amazing. At the time, Steve’s show only aired in Toronto. I encouraged him to make the show available to CHMR. He did. The Program Manager at the time, liked it and aired it, and his current incarnation of the show, 33.45.78, still airs on CHMR today. In fact Steve’s show is now heard on all community stations throughout Newfoundland, and on several others in eastern Canada and the UK!

8. If you could go for dessert with any musician or public figure (past or present), who would it be? Where would you go? And most importantly, what would you eat?

Hmmm… I think a little get together with Bob Dylan would be alright. We could meet at The Fifth Ticket on Water St. For dessert… a pint of Port Rexton Brewery’s Baycation Blonde!

9. What brings you joy in this world?

Computers (when they work)… learning new skills… a walk in the woods… family get-togethers… grooving to music!

10. What do you hate and despise in this world?

Computers (when they don’t work)! Actually, all I really hate is ‘hatred’ and asparagus!

11. Why is campus/community radio important?

History proves CHMR has been a great training ground for those who want to pursue a career in broadcasting or journalism. And it provides an opportunity for community members, like myself, to get involved and air unique programs of local interest… programs that mainstream radio won’t touch.

12. Anything you’d like to add?

I would encourage any student or community member with an interest in broadcasting to get in touch with the station. The friendly staff will train you, and in short order you could be on the air with your own program. I’m grateful that the station has given me an opportunity to do what I love to do with minimal restrictions. Essentially I’m my own boss. I love it! Thank you CHMR!